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Posted by admin On February - 6 - 2013

zynga poker

News about the world of Zynga poker. According to news circulating in the network, circulates a trojan able to sign in to the account of Zynga poker players on Facebook, robbing data and credits.
Zynga on Facebook is under attack. According to reports of SCMagazine, one of the most popular Facebook applications would be running a serious risk. Or rather, would be to risk users, which could see their sensitive data falling into the hands of criminals.
It seems that these days is circulating a trojan, a particular virus that can focus on the credentials of the logged-in Facebook users. This trojan has already stolen data of over 16,000 people. The conditional is necessary because the news has not been officially confirmed by the company of Mark Zuckerberg.
It seems that people most affected are those living in Israel. The virus allows his programmer to connect to Facebook with stolen credentials, to access information about Zynga poker and any payment systems saved on the account of the social network, including credit cards. In the event the player do not use a credit card or have low scores, Facebook profile is ‘infected’ by a link to a phishing site whose url is similar to that of Facebook.
To protect against this type of attack is not enough to have a good security system, users must be very careful. In order to realize the fake Facebook login page just double check the URL.
The particularity of this new trojan, according to Eset, is that it does not spread on Facebook, no log-in or interfere with the activities of the infected user. This virus works a bit ‘as a proxy, so that can not be traced back to the computer responsible for these illegal activities.